Single-use, Gamma-sterilizable Flowmeters for Bio-pharmaceutical and Bio-processing Applications

San Jose, California – March 9, 2017 – Malema Sensors, a leader in providing high-purity liquid measurement and control solutions for bio-processing and other high-purity process applications, today announces the bio-pharmaceutical industry’s first single-use family of flowmeters capable of measuring flow rates from 50 g/min up to 100 kg/min with an accuracy within 1% of reading. Flow sensors are certified to meet USP Class VI, USP 661, and USP 788.

In strong contrast to traditional flowmeters based on magnetic induction, ultrasonic, or turbine measurement technologies, the flow rate measurement accuracy of the SumoFlo® CPFM-8100-Series is independent of fluid physical and chemical properties.


The easy-to-use SumoFlo® CPFM-8100-series is specifically designed to provide single-use flow measurement solutions for bio-pharmaceutical and bio-processing manufacturing applications including:

  • Tangential Flow Filtration
  • Depth Filtration
  • Cell Culture Solutions
  • Aseptic Biochemical Production
  • Chromatography
  • Hygienic Fluids with Varying Density or viscosity

The SumoFlo®CPFM 8100 Series offers complete, 100% interchangeability. Each sensor’s calibration is stored on a radiation-hardened memory chip allowing any SumoFlo® sensor model to be interchanged with any SumoFlo® electronics transmitter without affecting measurement accuracy. This allows maximum flexibility and minimal down-time when removing a sensor from service and installing a replacement.

The SumoFlo® CPFM-8100-Series will be available worldwide in April 2017.


About Malema Sensors®
Founded in 1981, Malema Sensors designs and manufactures measurement and control instruments for high-purity liquid applications in bio-processing, bio-pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing. Malema's products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in the bio-processing, bio-pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and chemical processing industries. All products are manufactured in a quality environment certified to ISO 9001.

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