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SumoFlo® Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter

The SumoFlo® CPFM-8103 Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter from Malema Sensors® provides Mass Flow Rate, Density, Volumetric Flow Rate, and Temperature, accurate to ±1% of reading.
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DMP-7000 Single-Use Pulsation Dampener

DMP-7000 pulsation dampener is designed for single-use applications in the life sciences industries. They are manufactured with all-plastic wetted surfaces that meet USP Class VI, USP 661.2, and USP 788 requirements.
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LFC-7000 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Controllers

The LFC-7000 Series high-performance closed-loop flow controllers are designed for use in a wide variety of liquids including DI water, harsh chemicals, and CMP polishing slurries.
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M-2700 Integrated Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The M-2700 series is an integrated flow meter in a small package. Transit-time ultrasonic technology with the latest digital signal processing (DSP) determines flow rate to ±1% of reading.
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