Design element - Industrial 

Industrial manufactures require fluid handling systems that are economical and ensure the protection of the environment, while improving production processes. There is no single solution to meeting these challenges. Malema’s expertise and experience with fluid handling and control will help you to create a custom solution for your process.

Experienced in sensors, electronics, and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates groundbreaking state of the art technologies into every instrument.


M-60 Series Fixed Set Point Flow Switches

The M-60 Series low flow, flow switches monitor increasing and decreasing flow. They utilize a single moving part which responds to fluid (liquid or gas) flowing within a system. These switches are suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial, biomedical, and OEM products. The flow monitors operate only when fluid is positively established.
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M-64 Series Fixed Set Point Flow Switches

The operating principle is based on a magnetic piston which responds only to the motion of fluids within the line, not to static or system pressures. In the presence of fluid flow, controlled movement of the piston actuates an external hermetically sealed reed switch. This switch can be used to actuate audible or visual alarms, as well as relays, or other controls.
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M-701 Series Fixed Set Point Flow Switches

The M-701 offers low cost flow monitoring with a variety of switch actuation points and low pressure drop. M-701 is designed for ease of maintanance, as the bonnet and shuttle can be removed, leaving the housing and pipe work connections intact. All wetted parts are polypropylene or stainless steel, making this switch ideal for a wide range of chemical and temperature requirements.
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M-VF-F Series PFA Pressure Relief Valves

The M-VF-F Series pressure relief valve is designed with an all-PFA molded body suitable for semiconductor, ultra-pure water and aggressive chemical applications.
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M-10000 Paddlewheel Flow Meters

The M-10000 Paddlewheel flow meters are smaller, easier to install, and more accurate than ever before. Optional outputs such as 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, or pulse are available. In addition, M-10000 can also be used as an adjustable flow switch. These flow meters are available in both metal and plastic configurations.
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LD60/LD61 Level Switch

LD60/LD61 is a level switch based on the vibrating (tuning) fork technique. It is a robust and compact switch for the measurement of liquids and solids (only LD60).
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