Malema offers advanced flow meters for high purity, chemical, bio-medical and industrial applications for measuring flow of liquids, slurries, gases and steam. Malema pioneered by introducing all PFA and all PEEK Coriolis mass flow meters, straight tube PFA ultrasonic flow meters and PFA Paddlewheel flow meters to suit the stringent purity requirements of the industry.

The patented Malema™ Coriolis flow meters are generally immune to changes in fluid conditions such as density, viscosity or the presence of entrained gases in liquids and slurries. The unique sensor design and the advanced firmware that employs innovative signal processing algorithm ensure the most accurate flow measurement for these challenging conditions.

Malema’s ultrasonic flow meter range offers high accuracy and repeatability performance specification for measuring liquids and slurries with the help of the most advanced filtering and digital signal processing techniques used in the industry. Malema offers inline straight tube, U and Z style ultrasonic flow sensors.

As there is no single flow technology that can cover all of the application needs, Malema offers its customers the following wide choice of flow technologies to choose from. Malema's customer support and application engineers are well trained and are ready to offer you the guidance when requested to select the right product to suit the application. 

Flomid FX Series Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The FLOMID FX is an advanced magnetic flow meter that is suitable for measuring conductive liquids with great accuracy and repeatability. With no moving parts or obstructions in the flow path, these meters are best suited for measuring flow of water, waste water, chemicals, pulp and slurries.
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Flomat Series Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The FLOMAT series flow meter is suitable for use in large diameter pipes or open channels as an economical solution for liquid metering. Applications include flow measurement of conductive liquids in water treatment, sewage treatment, acid and alkaline solutions in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
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TM44 Series Turbine Flow Meters

The TM44 series turbine flow meters are used in precise measurement of clean fluid flow such as the process fluids including acids, alkali, solvents, water, CIP fluids, oil, minerals, petrochemical products, cryogenic liquids, and other liquids.
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DP Series Target Flow Meters

The DP series target flow meters are suitable for liquid and gas flow measurement. Its design and robust construction makes it suitable for tough applications including the liquids containing solid particles.
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AD-15 Series Flow Switches & Flow Indicators

AD-15/ADI-15/ADT-15 series flow switches can be fitted with local flow indicators. AD series flow switches can be used for monitoring liquid and gas flows.
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2000 Series Glass Tube Purge Meters

Series 2000 glass tube variable area purge meters are available in 100mm, 150mm and 300mm tube lengths and with optional fine threaded regulating valve for precise flow measurement. They are suitable for gas and liquid flow measurement and control.
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SumoFlo® Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter series 8100

The SumoFlo® CPFM-8100 Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter from Malema Sensors® provides Mass Flow Rate, Density, Volumetric Flow Rate, and Temperature, accurate to ±1% of reading.
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M-1500MB Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Malema Sensors® M-1500MB Series ultrasonic flow meter consists of a compact flow sensor and remote electronics. The M-1500MB utilizes the latest digital signal processing (DSP) technology and provides flow measuring solutions with minimum compromise in performance. The M-1500MB series is an ideal choice for use in the industries where minimal footprint, high purity and corrosion resistant wetted parts are required.